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G2095 and G2096

Ava Gate

Product Overview

Dreambaby Ava Security Gate is the perfect balance of convenience, security, and safety, giving you peace of mind without sacrificing style. Catering to parents whose hands are often full, this gate is able to be opened with one hand. Slide the latch back to disengage the first lock, lift to disengage the second, and then swing the door open.

Features and Benefits

AVA SECURITY GATE SPECIFICATIONS: The Dreambaby Ava Security Gate fits openings between 75-81cm and measures 76cm tall. Note: please measure openings before purchasing a gate as extensions may be required. Extensions available. Extensions sold separately.

SINGLE HANDED OPERATION: The Ava Security Gate is constructed to accommodate the parent who is constantly juggling tasks. Whether holding your baby or a phone to your ear, the One-Handed Operation allows you to move about your home effortlessly

OPENS IN EITHER DIRECTION: Designed to go with the flow, the Ava Security Gate boasts the ability to open in either direction. Perfect for entertaining, making it easier for you and your guests by opening in the most convenient direction

SMART STAY-OPEN FEATURE: When your child is having a nap, you can restore seamless movement throughout your home thanks to the Smart Stay-Open Feature. It allows you to carry groceries into the house or move from room to room with no hassle or frustration

DOUBLE LOCKING MECHANISM: The Ava Security Gate is designed with a dual locking mechanism to keep it more secure. For security, all mounting cups MUST be screwed into place regardless of where it is to be used.

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